• Image of FOUR Image Webinar Including RAFFLE!!!-October 24th, 2016 9pm EDT

4 image Webinar with a RAFFLE!!!!!!

October 24th, 2016 9pm EDT

There is NO Q and A on this webinar. You will be able to WATCH and HEAR me edit.

I will edit the images shown from start to finish WITH CONTINUED VERBAL INSTRUCTION. I will also discuss any pertinent settings.I will NOT stop unless there is a technical issue.

What are the raffle prizes?

1. One Anna Triant Couture Lulu Dress in size 4/5.
2. One Anna Triant RENTAL spot.
3. A Custom Made flower hoop by Barbara Rusciano.
4. One spot in A Summer Treat 2017, year long monthly SILENT webinar series.
5. One spot in the Year long VERBAL editing series.

When will the prizes be drawn?

When the webinar fills to 100 spots and closes.

There are many reasons one would take this offering. If you are very proficient in Photoshop, you will understand and will pick up on what I do. If you are a beginner, you may want to watch to simply see what can be done to an image.

Please understand there will be no individual questions, no .pdfs, no video, NO SCREENSHOTTING and no downloads.

There will be a moderator present if you have technical difficulties.

Invitation will be sent out 6-12 HOURS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED CLASS. Please write down the date on your calendar. It is impossible for us to reply to the amount of emails we get asking for the date and time. PLEASE write it down. The invitation will come from SoulsImagined.com, not directly from ME. Please be sure to read ALL of the information included in the invitation in order to have the best experience possible. After you register, your registration WILL BE APPROVED. Please do not email concerned it will not be in time. We PROMISE it will be. Your Paypal receipt is your receipt for the webinar.

PLEASE make sure you provide your correct email address for your invitation. That is where the invite will be sent. We cannot accommodate email changes. Please make sure you use a time zone converter for whatever zone you are in. We are not knowledgeable on all time zones.

I use a simple screen sharing program that will download in 30 seconds when you receive your invite. I edit primarily in Photoshop, with minor adjustments in Lightroom. There is nothing you need to do to prepare before the webinar. All of the information will be provided 6-12 hours before your scheduled date.

There are NO REFUNDS or TRANSFERS. This is for ONE spot for ONE person ONLY. THERE IS NO RECORDING PERMITTED. This is LIVE. This is NOT DOWNLOADABLE. This is NOT a video.

I reserve the right to decline anyone entrance with a refund provided.

All attendees are required to sign a confidentiality and non compete contract. You are NOT permitted to screen record.If you fail to sign the contract, you will be dismissed from the webinar and will not be refunded.

Please be aware of the description before purchasing. Please be aware I am doing this to HELP all the people who have asked. It is a breach of contract to share my complete workflow IN ANY WAY and I do uphold my contract.

PLEASE NOTE: Your invite will be sent 6-12 hours before. If you FAIL TO REGISTER, you will be sent a reminder. If your email does NOT bounce, and it is sent to the email YOU provide, we have fulfilled our obligation. If YOU fail to show up or fail to check your email we WILL NOT be held responsible for you missing your class.

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