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No Fuss, Just Us in Charlotte, NC!!

May 5 OR May 6, please choice your date by using the dropdown below!

**Important, please read!!**THIS WORKSHOP IS TOTAL $500.00. THIS PAYMENT IS HALF. YOU MUST COMPLETE YOUR PURCHASE BY GOING TO http://sandrabiancophotography.bigcartel.com/product/no-fuss-just-us-charlotte-nc-may-5-or-6-2017 to complete the other half.

Sandra and I have decided that two is always better than one.

We have also decided that the best way to learn the styles we have created for ourselves is well to learn it from us. Therefore, we are heading to Charlotte next May to shoot TWO styled shoots for YOU and WITH YOU.

Oh, and we are also going to talk to you. We are going to tell you anything you want to know. We are going to feed you awesome food. AND......we are going to edit for you. Us to YOU.

Our day with you is NOT open to those who mentor in any way.

Hours: 3pm-8pm

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