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Finding You. Friday, March 29nd, 2019. Dalton, GA.

It is back for 2019. My most popular, most inclusive, most AMAZING workshop.

This workshop is the opportunity to find your inspiration, individualism and creativity and make magic with me while we break the rules that bind you. This workshop is intended to guide you towards breaking down your walls, while gently looking inward to recognize your fears and working to bring you towards a greater level of confidence. In this workshop you will look IN, not OUT to find the answers you desire. There are no required cameras, lenses or other commercial necessities. All that is required is YOU.

In order to create the art you want to make, you have to tell your own story. You need to find yourself. You need to see with YOUR eyes and feel with YOUR heart. You need to make the choice to pave the way to your own soul with a clear voice and visual intent. This time together will teach you to speak clearly through your images with no apologies. It will teach you to back up your work with your own voice. It will attempt to reach out to you in a way that will teach you to not care what your friends and colleagues think.

We will also focus on exposing, composing, posing, connecting, styling and all the other details that allow you to effectively tell a story.

The workshop will begin on Friday, March 29th at 5pm or dinner and a VERY intensive discussion. Be prepared.

On Saturday we will shoot. A LOT. We will travel all over in a van stopping and using the landscape to tell a story using all of the techniques we go over in detail the evening before.

All meals, snacks and transportation will be provided during workshop hours. Airfare and accommodations are not covered. The closest airports are Atlanta Hartsfield which is about 1.5 hours from Dalton, or Chattanooga, TN which is about 20 minutes from Dalton. There are a few hotels in Dalton to chose from.

I reserve the right to decline anyone entrance.

My workshops do not have a mileage restriction or a contract. They are open to anyone, at my personal discretion of course. I have no contract. If you teach, I would be proud for you to take some of my methods and help your own mentoring program.

There are NO REFUNDS after your spot is purchased. You may however sell your spot.

This workshop is open to 10 people MAXIMUM. Once it is sold out, it is sold out!

Sold Out