• Image of Love At Home-November, 2017

******************DEPOSIT ONLY*******************

Cresskill, NJ. November 19, 2017

I am changing things up for 2017 in an effort to get back to my roots and what makes my heart sing.

And that is shooting. And love. Lots of love.

Join me on November 19, 2017 where we will shoot in studio, out of studio and then have dinner together.

We will shoot different subjects in different light and different locations. I will provide models, appropriate props, wardrobing and instruction both technical and artistic on how to create images that make your soul soar.

It will be a day of taking risks, exploring fears, facing unknowns and jumping way out of your comfort zone.

You will be supplied with three editing videos after the completion of the workshop and I will be available in the FB group to give feedback.

What do you need?

You. Your camera. Lenses that you love. Your desire to create.

Will I be shooting?


Where do you need to be?

At one location that you will be provided an address for.

Will you be fed?


Will you be allowed to use your images for yourself?

Yes. But, remember something, if you show your clients you can create something, make sure you can.

Can you pay a deposit?

Yes. The deposit is $250.00. THE TOTAL COST IS $750.00. The balance is due 45 days before the workshop.

Will we hang out afterwards?

Sure, we can grab dessert if you like.

What happens if I find out I cannot come?

By paying your deposit, you are committing to paying the balance. If you find yourself unable to attend you may sell your spot.

Due to the one day nature of this workshop, I will not be providing transportation or hotel accommodations. I will make a FB group where you can discuss your plans with fellow attendees.

There are NO REFUNDS once your purchase is made. By paying your deposit you are committed to paying your balance.

I reserve the right to decline anyone entrance with a refund provided.

If there is a possibility of inclement weather, there will be a reschedule date provided. There are NO REFUNDS in the event of rain.

Sold Out