• Image of Princess in the City

September 17, 2017. NYC.

I love to teach. I love to see the spark in a photographer's eye when they realize that what they see in their vision CAN be translated to a final image. I love to see the feeling of accomplishment. I love to see the tears of joy. I love to see what happens in the days, months and years to come.

I want to teach you how to take risks. I will teach you how to find the light and use the light. I will teach you how to pose and style your subject. I will teach you how to connect. I want to show you how amazing it feels to climb a fire escape. How incredible it feels to get that in the street shot SAFELY.

So if you would like to spend time with me watching me and shooting some gorgeous princesses, come on and DO IT.

Come and spend a few hours with me in NYC with a few fantastically styled princesses in amazing dresses. I will show you how it is done. We will meet and chat. Then we will shoot until dark.

I will teach you to see the magic, find the connection and translate it to your image. I will show you how I style and how I connect with my child subjects.

I am an open book. I will answer all your questions. I will tell you what my journey has been like. I will NOT pull the wool over your eyes. This is real. The real you and the real me.

September 17, 2017.

Somewhere in NYC.


Due to the nature of this workshop, I will not be providing any hotel information or transportation. Besides, being on your own in NYC is what it is all about. You never know where the night might lead us.

You will be provided with exact location one week prior. There are no refunds due to inclement weather. If weather is an issue, you will be provided with a rain date.

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